Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte trademarking stupid catchphrase


Usually it takes a little creativity to manufacture an internet meme but Olympic gold medal swimmer Ryan Lochte is his own walking, talking meme to be.

Dude can swim, and he also looks pretty darn amazing in Speedos causing daydreams of a different kind of breaststroke. Alas, he apparently has the personality of that frat-boy mistake all women, and some men, regret later in life. The latest proof of Lochte’s “Lochteness” is his attempt to trademark his own catchphrase.

And what is the phrase that is so amazing that it’s worth trademarking so that Ryan can cash in?


Yes. I am serious. Lochte actually wasn’t original enough to completely come up with this on his own as he borrowed heavily from Young Jeezy. Let’s let Ryan explain in an interview back from ’09:

“It means like, almost like everything like, like, happy. Like if you have a good swim you say, ‘Jeah!’ Like, it’s good like so I guess it means good.”

Via the trademark filing Lochte wants to use “Jeah!” on sunglasses, t-shirts – oh heck, anything you’d find in one of those tourist traps on Panama City Beach. He’s actually already started hawking said merchandise via his official website.

Just because, I figured I throw in one more much less clothed “Jeah!” Lochte pic.

Ryan Lochte JEAH!

Top Photo: WENN.com