Here’s exactly what Go Fug Yourself said to set Olivia Munn off

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I know we already technically covered this in today’s links post, but I’m still trying to unpack the sucker punch Olivia Munn threw at Go Fug Yourself yesterday. All it took was four sentences for the prominent and beloved fashion blog to earn the Munn’s ire. And it’s hardly unusual for a celebrity to take issue with media coverage, but Munn’s attack has gotten a lot of attention since she dropped it yesterday morning thanks to her wildly imbalanced response to what can hardly, even under the most charitable circumstances, be called anything like an attack.

Before we go any further, then, here’s the scenario. The photo at the top of the article is of Olivia Munn at the Apex for Youth 27th Anniversary Inspiration Awards at Cipriana Wall Street in NYC on April 17th. Go Fug Yourself wrote about Munn’s outfit in a post the following day. You can see their post, entitled “If Only I had a Dollar for Every Time I’ve Said ‘Oh My God, Olivia Munn,'” in context here. Below is exactly what GFY had to say about Munn’s curtains-and-drapes ensemble, complete with their own in-site link:

Okay, I might have exaggerated with that headline a little bit, except that I DO say “oh my God, Olivia Munn” ALL THE TIME and I DID say it when I saw this photo, even if this look is objectively not as terrifying as the last time I said it, which was extremely recently. That post is literally titled, “Oh My God, Olivia Munn.” This is just kinda like she got roped into making a sequel to American Hustle that ended up going straight to on-demand. Things could be worse.

If you look closely, read between the lines, and parse out every last implication, you’ll find precisely zero instances of GFY body shaming Munn, or being overly catty, or just being Mean Girls in general. Go Fug Yourself is as widely known for the tone of its coverage as it is for the coverage itself: they stick to fashion, avoid personal comments, and keep their own comment section as pleasant as you’re ever likely to find on the internet.

So — four sentences, none of them mean-spirited. Olivia Munn’s response? As Dlisted put it, it’s a bit of a reach:

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A short essay on the ugly behaviors of the @fuggirls

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I don’t get how such a harmless blog post somehow merits such a lengthy attack — especially one that does so many of the things Munn accuses GFY of. It’s tough to get more literally personal than by using real names and photos, yet there they are, for Munn’s 800,000 Twitter followers and 2.4 million Instagram followers to see. And the entire final third of Munn’s post is completely misguided. Comparing a fashion blog to a group of high school boys who made a list of girls ranking them by appearance is dangerously thin-skinned for anyone in the business of appearing before a battery of arranged and agreed-upon photographers clad in designer clothes for the benefit of the broader public.

Maybe Munn simply got tired of hearing about her bad fashion choices? The majority of her coverage on Go Fug Yourself gets a thumbs-down. Though you don’t have to go back far to find positive coverage: she got some praise in January for her Critics’ Choice Awards outfit, and earned the same last November for the dark orange gown she wore to the Baby2Baby Gala in Hollywood.

And it’s also possible that somebody who works for Munn decided to take offense, and Munn went along with it without reading the full post. That’s pretty clearly what most of Munn’s supporters are doing. The comments she’s getting over her post don’t look anything like what you’ll find at the blog that inspired them.

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