Nugget Boy overtakes Ellen in retweet record books


No one, not even Ellen and all the selfie-taking celebrities in the world, can come between a man and his chicken nuggets!

Carter Wilkerson, a 16-year-old high school junior from Reno, Nevada, sent out a seemingly innocuous request to the vast Twitterverse on April 5th, asking for retweets so he could land a year’s worth of free, delicious nuggets from Wendy’s.

Carter asked the fast food giant how many RTs he’d need to make the big score and they relied, “18 million.” With all the honey mustard-dipping swagger he could muster, he fired back: “Consider it done.”

Somehow, some way, his 140-characters-or-less bug for sweet nug’ started gaining momentum–and it’s been on a rampage ever since.

Carter, now forever known as Nugget Boy, appeared on Ellen, as he was seeking to dethrone her famous Oscars selfie as the most retweeted tweet of all time. She even recruited Bradley Cooper to film a PSA in hopes of maintaining her title.

But Twitter verified on Tuesday that Carter is now the sole owner of the most retweeted tweet ever with a Whopper-whopping 3.42 million RTs! While that’s way short of 18 million, Wendy’s made good on the free nuggets AND they gifted $100,000 to the company’s Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption in Carter’s name.

Carter says he’s enjoying his internet notoriety while taking exams and otherwise trying to be a normal high school kid. He’s encouraged folks to donate to charity with the attention he’s received, and he acknowledged that the feat might work in his favor as a tasty #humblebrag. “It’d be pretty cool to put on my college applications that I’m the No. 1 retweeted tweet of all time,” he said.

How delicious is that?!