Nikkole Paulun’s son Lyle is in the Intensive Care Unit

Nikkole Paulun of '16 & Pregnant' season 2

16 & Pregnant season 2 star Nikkole Paulun is living every parent’s nightmare. Her son, Lyle, was taken to the hospital and as if that weren’t scary enough, he has now been transferred to the Intensive Care Unit. All the while, Nikkole has no idea what even went wrong with him — and neither do his doctors.

UPDATE – We have since spoken with Nikkole who shares Lyle’s diagnosis as well as how he’s doing now! (Just click the link!)

Yesterday, Nikkole tweeted, “Lyle got transferred from our local hospital to Toledo’s Intensive Care Unit. Please say a prayer, thank you.” Just moments later, she added, “& now Lyle is being moved to the more intense intensive care unit…? C’mon little guy just pull through. Mommy hates seeing you like this.”

Nikkole Paulun of '16 & Pregnant' season 2 son Lyle in the hospital

The young mother posted a heartbreaking photo of her son connected to all sorts of tubes and other medical equipment with the caption, “Tough cookie!! So happy to see him smiling.” As hard as it is for Nikkole to see her son that way, it’s got to be rough for Lyle not being able to run and play.

When Jenelle Evans, who was also featured on 16 & Pregnant season 2, asked Nikkole what had happened, she replied, “They’re not sure. He’s having so much trouble breathing.”

After nearly 24 hours in the ICU, things finally seem to be looking up for the tot and he may even be discharged today. “They want to keep Lyle overnight but hopefully we can leave tomorrow! :D” she wrote last night.

Nikkole also told fans, “Lyle can’t eat so i refuse to eat in front of him but DAMN im hungry!!” She opted to stay overnight with her son and although it’s never a fun situation when you have to sleep in a hospital, she did what any concerned parent would.

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