Nikkole Paulun shares pregnancy updates, defends lingerie baby bump pics

Nikkole Paulun pregnancy photos

Former 16 and Pregnant star Nikkole Paulun revealed in November that she was pregnant again, and since then she has been a dilligent documenter of her pregnancy. She’s updated Instagram with numerous updates and baby bump photos, including quite a few in which Nikkole is wearing only a bikini, or a bra and panties.

The revealing photos drew criticism from some fans accusing the mom-to-be of being inappropriate, and Nikkole responded with yet another lingerie baby bump pic as well as a long message to her detractors explaining the photos and promising that there will be more to follow. She also revealed that fans can expect to see lots of breast-feeding photos once her daughter Ellie is born, which should be in a just a few weeks!

Pregnant Nikkole Paulun lingerie baby bump photo at 36 weeks

Along with the 36-week baby bump photo above, Nikkole wrote the following:


I’ve always seen other pregnant moms post photos in their underwear and bra and thought to myself “I could never do that.” Not because I wouldn’t be comfortable but because people can be so hateful. I absolutely LOVE my body, even more now than I did before. I truly appreciate my body and the fact that I can create a human being and carry her for 9 months. If you feel negatively towards this post then I suggest you unfollow. I will be breastfeeding and I will not hesitate to take photos of my daughter while she is eating. This post as well as breastfeeding posts are NOT meant to be sexual. I am embracing how beautiful my body is & I’m no longer ashamed to do it. & remember I’m not showing you my lady parts, just the amazing shape of a pregnant woman’s body. ♥ #36weeks #EllieJade


A couple of weeks prior to that post, Nikkole shared a message explaining that despite initial fears about having another child (in part because the baby’s father, Ryan Rice, is a huge question mark with an alleged history of abuse) she is now confident and excited to welcome her daughter, and Lyle’s little sister, Ellie Jade:


So surreal that in 25 days or less I will have a DAUGHTER! I was so scared and worried when I found out I was pregnant again because I knew I wasn’t ready and the situation wasn’t what I wanted for my next child. I took all of my fear & worries and turned to God and my life has honestly never been better! I’ve worked so hard and changed myself and my life so much these last 8 months. There’s not a doubt in my mind that He has been guiding me this whole time. Every time an obstacle has come my way & I became disappointed, something better came a long & I know God is the one who’s been taking care of me! Me, Lyle, and the rest of our family are SO ready to meet this little girl & shower her with love. She truly saved my life & I couldn’t be more thankful for the blessing that she is. ♥


In addition to the scantily clad baby bump pics, Nikkole has also shared a number of humorous photos of her pregnant belly. My favorite features Nikkole and her bare belly posing with her son Lyle, who looks impatient as he stares at his mom’s baby bump, which has been painted with a 75% loaded bar graph:

Mommy isn’t the only one who is getting impatient. #30weeks

A photo posted by Nikkole Paulun (@nikkolemtv) on


Nikkole Paulun’s due date is July 12, so stay tuned — we’ll be sure to update when little Ellie Jade is born!

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