New details of Bobbi Kristina’s condition emerge: “We’re focused on making sure she is at peace”

Bobbi Kristina Brown


A source close to the Houston family has come forward with heartbreaking new details about the daily life of Bobbi Kristina Brown, who remains comatose in an Atlanta-area rehabilitation facility. Bobbi Kristina has been unconscious for over four months, after being discovered face-down in her bathtub on January 31st.

Since then, Bobbi Kristina’s condition has stabilized, though she remains unaware of what is going on around her. “Krissi is breathing but she cannot communicate,” said the source. “I think [Bobbi Kristina’s grandmother] Cissy Houston said it best–that she’s in God’s hands.”

Cissy Houston has been outspoken in her belief both in the power of faith regarding Bobbi Kristina, as well as the unspoken fact that modern medicine does not have the power to heal the 22-year-old. Cissy has previously said that “whatever the Lord decides, I’m ready.” She’s also said that there is “not a great deal of hope” for Bobbi Kristina, and suggested that it would take a miracle to save her.

As for Bobbi Kristina’s current day-to-day struggle, the source emphasized that the family focuses its efforts on making sure BK is as peaceful as possible:


Someone usually will read to her, the twenty-third Psalm. Her family is right there with her. They sing to her and talk to her. They just want her to feel that they are there by her side. They hold her hand a lot and pray with her too – even if she doesn’t know that they are there. In spirit, she knows. They have always tried to be there for her….The family and…Bobby Brown are just taking things one day at a time. She’s just in God’s care and it’s whatever he decides.


Though reports have suggested that the family intends to move Bobbi Kristina back to her Roswell townhouse to live out the rest of her life, that movement has yet to take place.


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