Bobbi Kristina update: Bobby Brown “gave up hope” after medical consult; Nick Gordon spotted “falling down drunk” in Florida

Bobbi Kristina hugs dad Bobby Brown


Bobby Brown has resurfaced at Bobbi Kristina’s hospice care facility after spending several days off the radar. ET reports that Brown–who had not been seen at Peachtree Christian Hospice since last Thursday–appeared again on Monday to be by Bobbi Kristina’s side.

ET also reports that many outsiders have been sneaking into the facility to try and get in to see Bobbi Kristina. The extent of the trespassing has been such that Peachtree Christian has had to request a permanent guard at the front door. The Duluth police, as well as private security, are now on a rotation to ensure that only family and family-approved friends are allowed entrance.

Brown lost hope for daughter Bobbi Kristina after flying her to Chicago to be evaluated by neuroscience experts, according to a new report. Brown, who had previously been adamant about keeping his daughter on life support “if there’s a 2 percent chance, a 1 percent chance, a 0.1 percent chance,” took Bobbi Kristina to Northwestern University’s medical facilities. Once several brain trauma experts studied Bobbi Kristina and concluded that, unfortunately, nothing more could be done to save her, Bobby Brown made the decision to move her to a hospice care facility.

It’s not currently known if Pat and Cissy Houston had already been arguing in favor of hospice care, or if Brown brought the idea to them.


Nick Gordon Dr Phil Interview


Meanwhile, Bobbi Kristina’s former boyfriend Nick Gordon has been spotted out and about in Orlando, where he had been keeping quiet at home. Reportedly, Gordon did not leave his home over the weekend, but came out of hiding on Monday looking somber, sullen, and unsure.

However, a source told the UK’s Daily Mail that, while at home this weekend, Gordon was “falling down drunk,” “drunk as a skunk,” and “seeking comfort in the arms of a woman.” That woman is allegedly Heather Posey, 39, a nearby mother-of-one who has been a constant presence at Gordon’s home since he returned from a stint in rehab last April.

The Daily Mail‘s source had a lot to say about the pair:


I’ve seen them drinking together at her house. He portrays himself as a good citizen, grieving and whatever but I’ve seen him losing his temper. I’ve seen him drunk as a skunk, falling down drunk. That plastic cup that he carries round with him is full of vodka. Last week he was out at Gator’s bar with her, watching the basketball, until one in the morning. A couple of months ago he was drunk at [house] pool. He was drunk and maybe high and using profanities. He’s trying to portray himself as a good person but this guy’s a liar. He’s very dangerous and manipulative and I’ve seen his temper.


Gordon is the defendant in an eight-figure lawsuit brought by Bobbi Kristina’s family and the conservator of the Bobbi Kristina estate. The lawsuit alleges that Gordon was emotionally and physically abusive to Bobbi Kristina; that he stole money (at least $11,000) from her and lied about being her husband; and that he and Bobbi Kristina had a physical fight on January 31st that led to her being found face-down in the bathtub.

The lawsuit was filed in civil court. Depending on what happens with Bobbi Kristina’s medical emergency, Gordon could be charged with murder in criminal court.


(Photo credits: WENN; Bobbi Kristina via Twitter)

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