Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka are finally getting married after five-year engagement

Neil Patrick Harris announced the happy news that he’s engaged to his boyfriend David Burtkas after the New York Marriage Equality Bill passed Friday night.

They’ve actually been engaged and wearing engagement rings for five years (they proposed to each 0ther,) but haven’t been able to legally tie the knot until now. They co-parent two adorable twins*, Gideon and Harper, and have made quite the happy life for each other. Now they can fully enjoy the romantic and legal perks of marriage. People like to joke about gay people being able to share the misery that straight people do, but marriage can be wonderful for people who are truly compatible and love each other; which really seems to be the case with these crazy kids.

Burtka is an actor-turned chef who currently runs catering company Gourmet M.D. in Los Angeles.

*Note: We originally wrote twin *boys* above. Apologies for the error!