The Harris-Burtkas are coming to Freak Show, Lily Rabe is reprising her Asylum role

American Horror Story Freak Show - Neil Patrick Harris - Lily Rabe - David Burtka

Freak Show is already well underway on FX, but the latter episodes are still in production — which allowed Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk to cast some exciting new parts at the last minute!

After expressing his desire to appear on American Horror Story a few months ago, Neil Patrick Harris and Ryan Murphy officially sealed a deal, TV Line reported yesterday. He will appear in the 11th and 12th episodes as a “chameleon salesman.” Then, in the season-finale 13th episode, husband David Burtka will make his own appearance in “a sexy storyline with Jessica Lange’s batty chanteuse.” (The newlyweds previously appeared together on How I Met Your Mother, where David played Lily’s unshakeable high-school boyfriend, Scooter.)

Entertainment Weekly also reported yesterday that perennial American Horror Story actress Lily Rabe will actually reprise her Asylum character in the 10th episode. The second season of AHS was set in New England some 10 years after Freak Show‘s events in Jupiter, Florida. The shows already have some crossover in Naomi Grossman’s character, Pepper… Apparently Lily’s character, Sister Mary Eunice, will have something to do with taking Pepper away from the show. She is scheduled to shoot her scenes this weekend.

American Horror Story: Freak Show has been setting records with its ratings this year. It was renewed for a fifth season shortly after Freak Show premiered earlier this month as the most-watched show in FX’s history.

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