Bethenny Frankel’s show criticized by former RHONY co-stars Jill Zarin and Alex McCord

Bethenny Frankel Talk Show Criticized by Jill Zarin and Alex McCord

Although former best friends Bethenny Frankel and Jill Zarin are now on better terms than after their legendary falling out on Real Housewives of New York, Jill said she’s not going out of her way to do Bethenny any favors.

“I flat out said ‘no’ when they asked me to go on her show,” Jill told Life & Style of Bethenny’s talk show. “Does she think I’m just going to show up and she’s going to come out and do her fake show and then run away?”

According to Jill, she would have considered appearing on Bethenny if only her former friend had been the one to reach out.

“She couldn’t pick up the phone and call me herself. I was shocked. She should’ve called,” Jill said. “I’m in a neutral zone with Bethenny; we’ve communicated. I was hurt that she didn’t call me because I did e-mail and congratulate her on the show, so it wasn’t like we hadn’t spoken.”

The cold call left her with the impression Bethenny wanted her for ratings, not personal resolution.

“I was looking for an honest and real conversation. I felt I deserved that because we were such good friends.”

Jill and Bethenny’s former co-star Alex McCord said she had a bad taste in her mouth after discussing an appearance with Bethenny producers. She claimed in a video for Cafe Mom Studios that she was offered a “laughable” $400 to drop by the show.

“It was less than union scale. I would make more money sending one fashion tweet,” Alex said. “Also, I am savvy enough to know that unless the show is live, that any promotion I do of my products… Will all end up on her cutting room floor.”

Still, Alex hopes there will be a Real Housewives of New York reunion in the future — but only “on a grand set, with a big budget (and) the talent should be paid.”

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