Jimmy Fallon recreates Kate Gosselin’s ‘Paparazzi’ dance

The judges and the American public may have seen tabloid queen Kate Gosselin’s paso doble to Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi,” as a complete disaster, but Late Night host Jimmy Fallon saw a brilliant work of art.

Jimmy adorned himself in a Captain Kangaroo disco blazer and expensive blond hair extensions before mimicking Gosselin’s beautifully robotic clunkiness perfectly, even magically dragging himself along the floor without a partner. He concluded the routine with a similarly dramatic leg lust scene, grabbing onto announcer Paul Higgin’s limb like it was an offer to host The Tonight Show.

The performance was so perfect it left me wondering… Is Jimmy Fallon actually an over-bearing mother of eight?

Here’s Kate Monday night (April 5, 2010):