VIDEO Selena Gomez jokes (we think) about making Justin Bieber cry

Selena Gomez at the Ed Sullivan Theater for 'The Late Show With David Letterman' in New York City, United States

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber split earlier this year and since then, they’ve been pretty mum on the break-up. Sure, they’ve dropped a few hints about being single and Selena even made a video about a “douchebag,” but nothing too direct. Last night, Selena appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman where Justin’s name was finally brought up and this time, Selena didn’t hold back.

“Last time you were here, you were with a Justin Bieber. That’s not going on now?” Dave asked the Spring Breakers star. “No, I’m single,” she replied, adding, “I’m so good.”

Selena Gomez and David Letterman discuss Justin Bieber on The Late Show

After an audience applause, Dave told a story about Justin which set Selena up for a major diss. “The last time he was on, he and I got into a conversation and he said something and I said something, and then he said something and I said something, and I made him cry,” Dave recalled.

Then, without hesitation, Selena stated, “Well then, that makes two of us.” One fist bump later, the audience was roaring with laughter.

Since their split, Justin embarked on his World Tour in Europe and things haven’t exactly been smooth sailing for him. In London, he threatened to “beat the f**k” out of a photographer and was reportedly involved in a nightclub disturbance. Then, once he arrived to Paris, he was allegedly thrown out of his hotel.

Meanwhile, Selena and the cast of Spring Breakers have been busy promoting their new flick which hits screens this Friday, March 22.

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