Mother recorded abuse of 10-month-old daughter and sent videos to the father

Mugshot Kellie Park

Kellie Park (20) of West Haven, Connecticut is accused of abusing and tormenting her 10-month-old daughter and recording video of the incidents.

Records from the court show that Park took 7 videos of the horrific acts against her defenseless baby girl and proceeded to send this footage to her ex-boyfriend and father of the child via text messages. The father contacted the police.

Police said that in one of the videos Park is seen kicking a baby gate on top of the crying baby causing her to fall and then stated:

“Don’t you get it? Your father doesn’t care so guess what, I’m not gonna care.”

In a separate clip Park is seen tossing food on her daughter and then shaking a portable crib with such force it caused the little girl to fall out.

In some particularly upsetting text messages, she sent 55 in total, Park wrote to the father, “I’ll break her face…I’ll beat her face in” and “I love abusing this kid.”

Her Facebook page is open and the most recent post is from an apparent family member showing support:

kellie i love u verry much and im behind u so if anyone got something to say say it to me and the rest of my huge family love u cuz FREE KELLIE

Kellie Park recorded the abuse of her daughter
^Kellie Park Facebook

Park has another 2-year-old child.

The police immediately took the baby into custody. She was placed under the supervision of the Department of Children and Families in Hartford, Connecticut and currently is being taken care of by Park’s mother who also looks after the 2-year-old. The grandmother believes that her daughter is mentally ill and told KSDK, “I’m not talking to anybody. My job is to take care of my grandchildren and that’s it.”

The 20-year-old mother-of-two was arrested on June 20 and charged with third-degree assault, cruelty to persons, risk of injury and threatening. She’s still in jail in lieu of $50,000 bail. Her next scheduled court appearance is July 11.