VIDEO Ann Curry’s tearful farewell to Today

What has been widely reported and apparently in the cards for a while officially happened this morning as Ann Curry made a tearful goodbye to Today.

Curry had been with the program for 15 years after getting the co-host gig with Matt Lauer last June. While previous co-host Meredith Vieira was given a 2-hour send-off Curry got only around 5 minutes to say farewell and have her co-workers say their on-air goodbyes. Here’s the clip:

Curry stated in part:

“This is not easy to say but today is going to be my last morning as a regular co-host of ‘Today.’ I will still be part of the ‘Today’ show family but I will have a new title and a new role. And this is not how I ever expected to leave this couch after fifteen years. But I am so grateful, especially to all of you who watch.”

She also spoke about her new role with NBC:

“They are giving me some fancy new titles…we’re going to go all over the world and all over this country…We’re going to do great work I hope, and be given a chance to do great work, and these stories are going to air on all the platforms of NBC News.”

Matt Lauer told Ann she had the, “biggest heart in the news business,” gave her a kiss on the forehead and that was pretty much that. It is believed that Savannah Guthrie will be announced as Ann’s replacement soon.