Mom uses body as speed bump to protect twin daughters


Imagine what these twins will have to hear when they get older and complain to their mom about some problem they’re having!

Mindy Tran from Lawrence, Massachusetts, acted on instinct when she felt her twins were in danger by throwing her own body underneath her runaway car. Her actions gave a neighbor enough time to secure the vehicle and keep a possibly horrific scene from unfolding.

On March 6, Tran backed her Honda into her garage with her 2-year-old twin daughters safely secured in the backseat. She got out of the car believing it was in park to lock her front door when she realized it was slowly rolling away.

Her new apartment is on a steep bank that deposits directly onto a busy street. She told WCBV, “I was like, ‘What is going on?’ And I see my daughter sitting there in the backseat and of course my first instinct is, ‘I have to push the car back into the driveway.'”

After her neighbor’s got the car in park, firefighters arrived and were able to access Tran by lifting the vehicle with an inflatable bag. The 22-year-old’s left knee was crushed and her right leg was dislocated. She’s been in and out of hospitals and wheelchair bound since – but she vows to walk again.

Tran added through tears, “My daughters are my everything, my everything, and I don’t want to see them in the hospital, and I knew at that time it was either mine or there’s.”

HT: Gawker

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