Mob Wives’ Drita and Karen Gravano intensify feud: ‘Things are gonna get a little heated’

Drita D'Avanzo and Karen Gravano

The ongoing Drita and Karen Gravano feud will allegedly get worse before it gets better–at least, if the pair of Mob Wives stars have anything to say about it. The two have been sniping at each other for weeks, and getting other members of the cast involved; now that Mob Wives is in the throes of its final season, it seems that anything can (and might) happen.

The Drita and Karen Gravano feud got going in a big way just a few days ago, in advance of the Mob Wives Season Six premiere. After Drita heard about some gossip regarding her husband Lee’s alleged arrest–and found out that the gossip apparently came from Karen’s camp–the social media war was on. Drita posted Karen’s mug shot from a 2000 arrest involving an ecstacy ring to her Instagram page and captioned it Karen “Rat” Gravano before going on to call her Mob Wives co-star a “dildo” and a “lying sneaky rat,” and made reference to Karen having a mustache. The pair then spent the better part of a day taking shots at each other across the internet, before the a new episode of Mob Wives (and the surprise return of Big Ang’s cancer) put a brief stop to the proceedings.

Drita and Karen Gravano 3

It seems like the detente has passed, though, and the Drita and Karen Gravano feud is picking back up. Here’s a quick look at the exchanges the two have had–largely via fan interaction–since the Drita and Karen Gravano feud first blew up:


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Just saying ? #mobwives Episode 3 TONIGHT! Don’t miss it! 8pm Vh1 #thelaststand

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Of course, the biggest point of speculation regarding the whole ongoing Drita and Karen Gravano feud is whether Karen ganged up with Carla in last week’s episode in order to have Carla take most of the heat from Drita when the fallout came. Fans on social media appear to be divided about equally between #TeamKaren and #TeamDrita, but it looks like a large contingent of Drita’s fans think that Karen only enlisted Carla’s help in order to sell her out later. Whatever the outcome, VH1 is promising some big changes in the newest Mob Wives episode–going so far as to ask fans to get ready to pick sides after seeing what happens:

In addition, here’s the just-released trailer for Mob Wives‘ newest episode:

Mob Wives airs on Wednesdays at 8 PM EST on VH1.


(Photo credits: Drita and Karen Gravano feud via Instagram)

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