Megan Fox childhood photos

Megan Fox picture as a child

Megan Fox recently posted some childhood pictures of herself on her Facebook account and placed them in a folder called “I look like Steve Buscemi.” (In case you don’t recognize the name, Steve Buscemi is the dweeby-looking kidnapper for hire from Fargo and is currently starring as the bad ass mob boss Enoch ‘Nucky’ Thompson in HBO’s critically acclaimed series Boardwalk Empire.)

Steve BuscemiOf all the things I ever imagined Megan Fox saying, “I look like Steve Buscemi” is waaaaaaay down the list! Right behind “I’d like to thank the Academy for this award” and “Hey sexy starcasm blogger man, my Bumblebee wants to meet your Optimus Prime.”

That being said, posting the photos was a kind gesture by Megan and should serve as a reminder to all little girls out there that look like Steve Buscemi that they may someday grow up to be really pretty and star in a couple popular movies with robots and a plot that makes no sense.

Also, it should be noted that Megan’s case of Buscemitis seemed to clear up before seventh grade, when this photo was taken.

Here’s another glimpse of lil’ Megan (let the Megan Fox plastic surgery debate rage on!)

Facebook picture of Megan Fox as a little kid

Megan Fox childhood pictures: Facebook