Meet the gloriously geeky fangirls of Fangasm

The girls of Fangasm

Tonight, SyFy brings the premiere of Fangasm from the creators of Jersey Shore. Via the show’s about section:

Fangasm celebrates the incredibly unique, often misunderstood, and infinitely fascinating fan girl and fan boy culture.The show follows seven pop culture-obsessed fans (whose passions range from comic books and collectibles to science fiction and fantasy) living together in an LA apartment complex and working together at Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo. The seven must contend with each others oversized personalities and conflicting fandom as they vie for an opportunity to work within Lee’s organization. Because when different passions come together, you get a real big bang.

In general, the fanboy population far outweighs the fangirl crowd, and some of the most favoritist things for fanboys are fangirls so I thought we’d focus our attention on the three resident females looking to latch on with Mr. Stan Lee for some steady stuff-of-dreams employ. Included is bio information, photos, and social media links for Molly McIsaac, Dani Snow and Kristin Hackett.

Molly McIsaac

Fangasm cast member Molly McIsaac

Molly McIsaac is determined to show the world that not all fangirls are “the comic book guy.” A self-proclaimed fashionista and cosplay queen, she blasts away nerd stereotypes by being incredibly social and fond of the nightlife. Steadfast in her feminist beliefs, Molly is often labeled a “difficult woman” or “kind of crazy,” but it’s just because she’s incredibly confident and not afraid to be loud if she doesn’t agree with someone or something. This makes dating difficult – especially since she only likes successful, professional geeks! But her social views do not mean her geeky interests fall to the wayside: She’s particularly fond of anime, comic books, cosplay, video games, and LARPing. With incredibly sharp wit, an army of fanboys, and a secret belief that she’s more intelligent than most people, Molly is a powerful force to be reckoned with.

Fangasm Molly McIsaac Cosplay

Marvelous Molly McIsaac’s social media links:

Twitter – @MollyMcIsaac
Facebook – MollyMcIsaac
Blog – The Geeky Peacock

Dani Snow

Dani Snow Fangasm

Dani Snow was raised on the original Star Wars movies and the works of Tolkien. Reading Harry Potter and watching Lord of the Rings did not make her popular, but after high school, she blossomed socially, and gravitated towards fellow geeks. She’s played a pirate at a Renaissance Pleasure Faire, and tours the convention circuit with The Damsels of Dorkington, a comedy troupe. She now spends her days doing special effects makeup on short films, performing comedy whenever she can and using her Harry Potter knowledge at her job to help identify copyrighted material online for the franchise.

Fangasm Dani Snow

Dandy Dani Snow’s social media links:

Twitter – @DaniSnow007
Facebook – DaniSnowMakeupArtistry
Blog – 1.21 Giga Thoughts

Via Dani’s blog she addresses a lot of the hate the show has already received in three distinct areas:

As far as the “The Real Big Bang Theory” angle for the promotions: “I for one, know that while the sitcom The Big Bang Theory is doing well in ratings, it’s VERY NOT popular with a lot of real geeks and nerds. Most nerds, and nearly every nerd I know HATES that show. Fangasm is being called the ‘reality’ version of a show a lot of real geeks do not like so I understand the backlash here.”

That it’s the Jersey Shore folks behind the production: “These producers and crew were all incredibly professional and good to work with. Yes, their number one priority was shooting an interesting show, but along the way they did a great job of taking care of myself and my fellow cast.”

That the cast consists of “fake nerds:”
“It took 495 almost 2 years to cast for the show. They watched thousands of audition videos, narrowed their favorites down to hundreds, then flew MANY of us out to LA for the in-person auditions/interviews before they eliminated and eliminated until they got down to their favorite seven.”

Kristin Hackett

Fangasm Krsitin Hackett

Kristin Hackett is a single and sexy comic book fangirl living in New York City. She loves that the city she lives in is also the dwelling place of her favorite superheroes, namely Spider-Man and Nightwing.  Her three passions in life are blogging geek culture, comics and fashion.  With All-American good looks, she is often hit on by jocks and meatheads; however, she’s only attracted to super dorky and nerdy guys.  Her passion for comics and graphic novels is evidenced by her massive collection and commitment to travel the country to attend every comic convention possible, which she covers for her web sites.  She admits she is a hoarder when it comes to collectibles, and she was even compelled to create a giant spreadsheet for her collection of 600+ graphic novels.  The obsessions are only overshadowed by her closet full of custom cosplay outfits.  A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, Kristin enjoys designing and creating her own costumes.

Fangasm Kristin Hackett Cosplay

Kling”gotitgoin”on Kristin Hackett’s social media links:

Twitter – @SuperSpaceChick
Tumblr – Kristin’s Celestial Sphere
Blog – Super Space Chick

Fangasm premieres tonight at 10/9c on SyFy.

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