Catfish’s Derek and Lauren suffer miscarriage

Catfish Lauren Mler and Derek Shullenbarger

Some sad news from what was the feel-good story of Catfish Season 2 as fan-favorite couple Derek Shullenbarger and Lauren Meler just announced that Lauren suffered a miscarriage on Tuesday. The news came via Lauren on Twitter earlier today:

Lauren foreshadowed the bad news on Wednesday when she responded to an inquiry from a private Twitter account by writing, “we are fine! Just getting through some stuff at the moment.”

Our hearts go out to Lauren and Derek. We, much like everyone else, were really taken by the two — who were one of the very few happy endings on the show as “catfish” Derek turned out to be exactly who he appeared to be.

We updated our readers on Lauren and Derek back in July, and we are happy to report that the two are still together with Lauren often talking marriage on Twitter. In late July she wrote, “I haven’t even been asked yet, but I’m super stoked for mine and Derek’s wedding <3” She followed that with “there will definitely be a weddi g:) tell nev and max to film it :)” and then, “If we can get enough likes, hopefully MTV will give us a catfish wedding :)”

On August 5 Lauren and Derek shared a Q&A video online in which they answered lots of questions from fans, including whether or not they were planning on having children at the time:

That there’s a cute couple y’all! And here’s some more yummy Laurenness in the form of a Facebook post she made on September 22 addressing those fans worried about whether or not they will ever find “true love” like she and Derek have:

Many people message me saying how much of an inspiration I am, and that I give them hope in finding true love one day. Some also say that they want to find the “perfect” relationship that Derek and I possess. Well, let me tell you something. If I inspire you into finding a perfect relationship full of love and happiness all the time, you’re never going to find it.

Derek and I are two real people with real emotions. Yes, we love each other, and for the most part have an amazing partnership together. However, we still argue. We still fight. It’s a part of love. Because love isn’t easy. The real inspiration I should be giving to people is to find someone who is going to love you and stick by your side no matter how hard things may get. Because that is what “true love” really is. It’s having the courage to admit when you’re wrong and apologize even if it kills you. And never running away and giving up when you think you’ve had enough. You have to work at love. That’s how it gets stronger. It’s not always a walk in the park you guys.

Derek and I have had our fair share of arguments since being together, and at one point I thought I was going to lose him. This is the beauty of our love; we fight, argue, ignore each other for a few hours, want to beat each other up every now and then , but at the end of the day we still love each other. And we know that. We find it in our hearts to own up and apologize for the wrong we have done, and simply move on. And there is no one else in this world worth fighting for more than the man I am blessed to be with right now. I know there’s no one else for me which is why I vow to never give up on what we have.

That is what you should be looking for! Finding Mister Perfect isn’t going to happen if you think he’ll always make you happy and nothing is ever going to go wrong. “Mister Perfect” is someone who sees your flaws and finds the beauty in them. Someone who argues with you but when it’s all said and done, hugs you and tells you he still loves you. Someone who is willing to put up with you and your crazy hormonal mood swings (guilty of this). Someone who understands that trust and communication go a looong way! To me, it couldn’t get any more perfect than that.

But you have to be willing to accept him for who he is as well ladies. It isn’t a “you go 50 and I’ll go 50” kind of thing. You both have to give each other 100 percent of you. And I promise if you do, you will have the “perfect” love.

We may get to find out more about what’s going on with Derek and Lauren soon, including details about Lauren’s pregnancy and miscarriage, because The Ashley is reporting that she has heard another Catfish Reunion is scheduled to shoot October 5 “and will air somewhere around October 15!”

Meanwhile, you can keep up with Catfish‘s Lauren and Derek via social media at these links:

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