MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT Nick Pendergrast expecting twins with new girlfriend


Nick Pendergrast and Sonia Granados were one of the brave couples who met and married on the fourth season of Married at First Sight. Their relationship was rocky throughout the show, but they ultimately decided to stay together at the end of the experiment. Nick and Sonia’s marriage lasted a year before the pair confirmed their split in March.

Now, just four months later, Nick announced that he has not only moved on from his marriage to Sonia but is expecting TWINS with his girlfriend and AfterBuzz host Heather Yerrid. According to People, Heather is 9 weeks into her pregnancy.

Nick and Heather likely conceived their twins in early May which is less than two months after Nick and Sonia announced their divorce. This timing has led many to wonder if there was an overlap between the two relationships.

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One of the biggest critics of the pregnancy announcement is Sonia, and she’s venting her frustrations all over Twitter.

Based on these tweets, it looks as though there’s drama surrounding Nick’s honesty with Sonia throughout their marriage.

Other tweets indicate there could be some questionable behavior when it comes to Heather’s relationships with other men from the cast of MAFS. Lillian Vilchez, also from MAFS season four, joined in on the discussion.

Lilly and Sonia’s tweets imply that Heather, who describes herself as a “Success Vitality Career Coach”, targeted the men from the show in order to earn their favor while being “judgmental” of the women.

Nick, on the other hand, is doing his best to rise above the criticism and put the focus back on becoming a father.

Stay tuned because I have a feel this tea is just beginning to brew…