Manti Te’o’s fake girlfriend makes Maxim’s Hot 100 2013


Maxim’s Hot 100 list is topped by Miley Cyrus, and, in another twist, includes Manti Te’o’s fake girlfriend at #69.

After Manti Te’o’s fake girlfriend hoax of 2012, we think it might be nice to have an invisible girl of our own to love. Why not? She’s got a ton of great qualities, including looking awesome in a bikini.

Te’o, a former star Notre Dame linebacker who was picked up by the San Diego Chargers, was involved in a crazy Catfish hoax. It turned out his long-time long-distance girlfriend Lennay Kekua had never existed. The person who had been interacting with him the whole time was aspiring Christian singer Ronaiah Tuiasosopo.

Catfishing happens more than you’d think it would thanks to social media and the human desire to believe what you want to believe, so this hot invisible girl is more than just Manti Te’o’s fake girlfriend, it’s everyone’s fake model girlfriend who always has an excuse not to skype.

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