Man knocked out while defending women being catcalled


A 39-year-old Texas man was hospitalized after he came to the defense of a group of women who were being catcalled on the streets of Philadelphia.

Early in the morning on Saturday a black Nissan with Delaware plates “full of men” pulled up to a group of women and started taunting and catcalling them, according to police.

This is when the unidentified southern gentleman stepped in. Philadelphia Police Captain George Fuchs said, “The male victim took offense to something that the guys were saying to the girls and said ‘hey, watch what you’re saying.'”

In retaliation, one of the men exited the vehicle and punched the victim in the head. The blow landed hard enough to knock the Texan over – causing his head to hit the concrete which knocked him unconscious, according to NBC Philly.

The coward – I mean suspect – jumped back in the vehicle which sped away from the scene. The Philadelphia Police are reviewing surveillance footage to see if they can get the tag number and are asking for any help in finding the culprit.

The victim was taken to Hahnemann Hospital where he was listed in stable condition as of yesterday.

Fuchs added, “This is a tragic, tragic story. Here’s a guy trying to stick up for these girls and he gets victimized.”

I couldn’t agree more Cap’n…

HT: Rebecca Rose / Jezebel

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