Chicago area woman arrested for concealing gun in ‘intimate area’

Another instance of a lethal weapon being concealed in a beaver

Just yesterday I wrote up an article on a Florida woman who allegedly attempted to conceal a knife in her intimate area and now, just one day later the story of 33-year-old Aisha N. McClinton has come across my news wire.  I fear for this world if I have to create a category for things stowed away in a woman’s special place!

Aisha was visiting an unidentified man who is serving life in prison for murder at the Stateville Correctional Center in Will County, Illinois – located near the greater Chicago metropolitan area.  While getting her visit on she initially refused to let officers do a search of her car.  She changed her mind and the police officers on the scene found a little weed under her seat but, of course, that wasn’t all.

The cops reported that a gun appeared to have been concealed in an intimate area of her anatomy!  This does contradict the official court papers that state a 9mm hand gun was found in her waistband.

According to a public record search the Will County Sheriff’s Office indicates that an Aisha N. McClinton has been scheduled for a court date of May 24th.  The Sun Times is reporting that she has been sentenced to 120 days in jail and 2-years probation.

Perhaps that Chris Hanson dude who caught all those creepy sex offenders should launch a new series that busts women attempting to hide weapons in their vajayjay.  I’d tune in!