Man Candy! Hottest Photos of ‘Magic Mike’ and ‘True Blood”s Joe Manganiello

Joe Manganiello sexy hot

Joe Manganiello already had us drooling by showing off his perfect abs as Alcide on True Blood, but this hottie’s star power is really blowing up this week! You can see his abs (and a lot more) on the big screen alongside Channing Tatum as stripper Big Dick Richie in Magic Mike.

In honor of Joe Manganiello bringing his sexiness to a wider audience, we’ve compiled some of his hottest photos, and some stats. Enjoy!


Age: 35, born December 28, 1976

Birth name: Joseph Michael Manganiello

Magic Mike character: Big Dick Richie

True Blood character : Werewolf Alcide Herveaux

Education: BFA in acting from the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama

“Female friend” (former fiance who’s he’s been hanging out with again:) Audra Marie

Favorite Joe quote, from WWHL: “Male stripping is really basic. There’s like three basic male stripper money making movies, and from there it’s just dry humping . . just junk in the face. But a women like story lines, so . . . there’s a fireman, a policeman, a cowboy. So it’s all these theatrics. The fireman comes in through the smoke on the bed, and then you just dry hump her face.” He’s hot AND funny, which just makes him hotter!

As Big Dick Richie:

Joe mangiello hote fireman magic mike

Dreamy as Alcide (with Sookie)

Shirtless “boyfriend” Joe with Audra Marie at Coachella 2012:

Audra Marie joe manganiello

Joe Manganiello sexy abs

Joe manganiello sexy star

Not hot, but still kinda hot. Kylie Minoque eating Doritos off of Joe Manganiello’s belly:

Turn around Sookie!
Sookie Alcide abs True blood Joe Manganiello