Matthew McConaughey *will* appear in “Magic Mike XXL”

Matthew McConaughey honored with a star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame


Abandon not all hope, those of you who despaired upon hearing that M-Con wouldn’t be reprising his role as Dallas in the Magic Mike sequel.

According to the latest reports, Magic Matt will, in fact, be dancing once more–he’ll have a quick cameo in Magic Mike XXL.

Nothing has been 100%, on-the-books confirmed just yet…but, then, nothing about McConaughey’s will-he / won’t-he involvement with the second film has been set in stone.

First, Channing Tatum told MTV that M-Con would, in fact, be coming back for the sequel, which will depict the Tampa-based thong-laden crew taking off to Myrtle Beach for some wild antics.

Then, Greg Jacobs, the film’s director, contradicted Tatum, and disappointed millions of potential theater-goers by breaking the news that the Interstellar star wouldn’t appear in the movie.

Now, Page Six reports than “an insider” has the scoop, and Dallas will in fact return.

In what capacity, we can’t say. But it seems safe to assume that shirts won’t be involved.


Matthew McConaughey honored with a star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame

In possibly-related news, McConaughey got his very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this past Monday.

He was joined at the event by the entire cast of Interstellar, along with director Christopher Nolan and co-writer Johnathan Nolan.

Also in attendance? Chairman of Paramount Pictures Brad Gray, who has begun the Oscar campaign for McConaughey’s performance in the hit film.

So, here’s a theoretical question for you. If you could only see one of the following two things, which would you rather it be? McConaughey on stage accepting another Oscar this coming spring, or M-Con onstage stripping down to his nethers with the rest of the Magic Mike crew next summer?


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