Maci Bookout talks marriage problems and drinking in Teen Mom peeks


It’s time for another Thursday batch of Teen Mom OG sneak peeks!

For this round we’ve got Maci Bookout wondering if she and husband Taylor McKinney need marriage counseling, Amber Portwood concerned about everything Matt Baier does because she should be Gary Shirley’s move to the farm, and Nova with quite the surprise for mom.


Gary Shirley’s on the move and talks with Amber about his plans for a cowboy hat and all the chickens before they have a disagreement over Leah:


Catelynn and husband Tyler Baltierra welcome an adoption counselor when Nova finds quite the surprise ? at the most inopportune time:


Maci, who made a major reveal during last week’s episode when she opened up about what she felt was a life or death need for ex Ryan Edwards to go to rehab, chats up her friend Keelie about the struggles she and husband Taylor McKinney are facing:

Obviously having 3 kids is catching up to us. 85 percent of the time we’re good to go but the 15 percent is hell. It’s like all of our stress, emotion and everything we take it out on each other. When the cameras leave we’ll drink and freak out.

When Keelie asks if they’ve thought about going to counseling together, Maci just shakes her head no before acknowledging, “It’s not gonna go away.”

Maci’s never shied away from folks who’ve criticized her alcohol consumption in the past. We’re guessing this clip’s going to reignite that debate.