Gary Shirley and Farrah Abraham get in Twitter feud during Teen Mom finale

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham and Gary Shirley Twitter feud graphic with angry bird

Last night was the series finale of Teen Mom and many of the cast members were online tweeting about the event and the episode. Most of the tweets were sentimental about the show coming to an end after four seasons, but for two of the cast members. the viewing party turned into an all-out Twitter brawl!

The whole thing started when Farrah Abraham responded to an early scene in which Gary Shirley was rather short with Amber Portwood because she was seeing someone new:

To be honest Gary is so negative and I don’t see how he is better to raise Leah then amber, get the point Gary! Learn to focus on Leah

(We think Farrah quickness to judge Gary may have had something to do with his poking a little fun at her last week for her musical endeavors, but that’s purely speculation.)

Farrah then got even nastier, going so far as to call Gary a pig!

Farrah Abraham calls Gary Shirley a pig on Twitter

Gary responded to Farrah’s tweet with:

@F1abraham go make another hit single or treat your parents like shit. Always stuck up for you not anymore.

Farrah responded to that with a rather odd plug for her new book:

Gary Shirley Farrah Abraham Twitter feud

And then Gary unleashed with:

Seriously Farrah. I don’t care 4 u 1 bit. Ur cry face sucks & so does your cookies. Unless you change your gonna die lonely.

Holy smokes!

Later, much as he did in the finale episode, Gary felt a little remorse for his angry outbursts, and he squeezed in an apology to Farrah in between a lengthy tweet to his fans about his actions on the show over the years:

Here goes I get mad just as much as the next person. I regret a lot of things I’ve done to Amber and things I’ve said sometimes I feel backed into a corner and only weapon I have is my voice. It’s wrong. I’ve always apologized but sometimes it’s not enough. I care for amber and I wish I could have been a better example to all of you who watch and follow me.

Sorry Farrah. But you need to be nice to people sorry for my tweets not who I am. @F1abraham

I’m not perfect I don’t try to be. But I know right and wrong and I know what’s important. I’m helping Amber still I put money on her books. I pay her car payment were not together if I didn’t care I wouldn’t do this

What a crazy way to end things for Gary and Farrah!