Love After Lockup Tracie and Clint Brady officially divorced

Love After Lockup Clint Brady files for divorce from Tracie Wagaman

Clint and his goddess Tracie are officially single again! Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup star Clint Brady officially filed for a divorce (along with an accompanying restraining order) back in early March of this year. According to court records, the filing became official late last week.

The judgement for the divorce decree was filed in an Ohio court on Thursday, June 17th — an early Father’s Day gift for Clint.

If you’re curious why the divorce process took so long, we got an explanation back in March:

We spoke with Clint’s girlfriend Gen Bailey who tells us that he did attempt to send Tracie the divorce papers months ago via her mother, but they were returned. She also says she emailed the documents to Tracie, but there were some negotiations that broke down and resulted in her not signing them. Clint’s parents then paid for an attorney to file for a divorce by default. There is a reported 60-day wait before the divorce is finalized. Gen tells us that Clint just wants to move on, which is hopefully something that he and Tracie can agree on.

Clint was actually in jail at the time of the divorce filing in March. He was later released and did a live interview confirming most all that Gen had said about the divorce. Clint was a bit off on the length of time the process would take, though. He stated that he believed the divorce would be finalized in early May.

Clint also revealed that he and Gen weren’t planning on wasting time before heading back to the altar! “Clint says he and Gen have discussed marriage and they currently plan to tie the knot some time in mid-May. That date is not in stone, however.” We haven’t seen a wedding announcement from Gen or Clint yet, but we will certainly keep our eyes peeled!

It’s unclear if Tracie is aware of the divorce being finalized. Court records indicate that she was sent a copy of the decree on Thursday, but the address listed is in Cincinnati and looks to be Gen’s former address. As mentioned above, there was apparently an issue getting Tracie’s address for the initial filing, so perhaps that issue has persisted.

Speaking of Tracie, she is currently pregnant with her boyfriend Luke Loera’s baby. Luke has an extensive criminal history, and he was arrested yet again earlier this month. His name still turns up when searching inmates that are in custody. His next scheduled court date looks to be June 29.

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