Lisa Vanderpump fights claims she is the new RHOBH villain

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The recent drama between Lisa Vanderpump and Yolanda Foster regarding Yolanda’s family’s Lyme disease drama has fans divided over Lisa’s new role as the alleged RHOBH villain. And Lisa Vanderpump herself has taken to her Bravo blog to defend herself against the allegations, which she says are nonsense.

Starpulse recently noted that the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills producers seem to be turning Lisa Vanderpump toward the show’s dark side, pointing out that it was Lisa who “grilled Eileen Davidson about the end of her marriage” and the affair that soon followed during this season’s trip to the Hamptons. And it’s now Lisa who’s accused of villainy for talking about Yolanda Foster’s children–particularly since she claimed that Mohammed Hadid told her that the kids are fine, and don’t have Lyme disease after all.


Lisa’s denials of any wrongdoing have displayed her characteristic mix of innocence and disbelief: “I had no idea,” she wrote on her blog, “how Yolanda had reached this conclusion that I would speculate about Bella and Anwar’s constitution,” further stating that Yolanda’s accusations were “unjust.”

And that wasn’t all: Lisa Vanderpump then got into something of a “Yolanda did it first, so it must be OK”-style argument in her own defense:


I would never bring somebody’s children (especially their health) into this very public forum, but Yolanda did…twice…of her OWN volition. She announced that they we were infected with Lyme disease, volunteered the information, first when we had drinks and were introduced to Erika. The second time was with Kyle in the park. Now the first time, initially, I believed was inadvertent. It was just prior to her surgery and she was emotional, she had been talking about her will and survival, and I believed, as sometimes happens, as moments are often captured, you only realize later, often with regret.


And, lest we forget that Erika was involved (the blog post is titled “Erika Exacerbated a Contentious Situation,” after all), Lisa brings Erika up again, and claims that the whole misunderstanding is mostly her fault:


I never wanted to indulge, but honestly I had sometimes been drawn in, mystified and commented, maybe a few times, but as my loyalty lay with Mohamed and whenever this subject was raised, between Mohamed and me, it was with the utmost respect. So Yolanda had loyalty to her informer, Erika, except Erika had grossly overstated my intent. Had she repeated the scenario in a productive way, hypothetically she would’ve stated “Lisa Vanderpump was uncomfortably trying to shut down a conversation.” Instead, she exacerbated a contentious situation. Yolanda then was guilty by omission as she inferred it was Lisa R who passed this on. Not so. Anyway, it is a complicated scenario, to which there are no winners.


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Of course, the whole “Lisa Vanderpump villain” complex can’t be bothering the reality TV star too much. Today, at least, she began her day on a defiant note:

You can catch the latest installment of the Lisa Vanderpump villain (and Yolanda Foster innocent!) drama when The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs another new episode this Tuesday night at 9 PM on Bravo.   (Photo credits: Lisa Vanderpump via Instagram)

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