Farrah Abraham still angry over fake firing, tells producers ‘you owe me a half season of money’

Farrah Abraham fired from Teen Mom scene with Morgan Freeman

Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham is still upset at show producers — Executive Producer Morgan Freeman in particular — after they attempted to fire her because she continues to pursue business ventures in the adult industry. In a preview trailer for the new season, Morgan can be seen telling Farrah that they cannot work with her any longer if she continues, and Farrah BLOWS UP.

It seems the preview clip has re-ignited her ire as she took to Facebook on Wednesday to share a YouTube video supporting her outrage over the attempted firing, and she spouted off once again at show producers for discrimination and bullying before angrily declaring “you owe me a half season of money.”

I assume Farrah means that the network owes her for the second half of the season that she has yet to film for because it is my understanding that the Teen Mom stars’ contracts are structured in such a way that they get paid even if MTV decides they no longer want to film them. Of course, this is all predicated on the assumption that Farrah was not actually fired from the show, which MTV’s parent company Viacom has reportedly assured Farrah is the case.

Here is Farrah’s full post along with the Youtube video clip she shared with it. (I’ve used her tweet with the video instead because Facebook embeds can be a bit glitchy.)

Farrah Abraham firing Facebook post

Here is the full video from Kimberly Noel:

So what’s your take on all this? I personally don’t have any issue whatsoever with Farrah being on Teen Mom OG while also exploring completely legal business opportunities in the adult industry, but I also have no problem with her co-stars not wanting to be on the show if Farrah continues. Everyone involved is free to not continue working with Teen Mom OG (once their current contracts run out), and producers are free to not welcome any star back. But, if the contract says that Farrah gets paid for the full season even if MTV decides they no longer want to include her, then MTV needs to pay up.

Also, I assume from Farrah’s reactions that she has not continued filming the show after the “firing” incident, but I also assume that MTV will eventually cave in and invite her back. Farrah certainly has her fair share of detractors, but she is a big reason why a lot of viewers tune in each week — if only for the entertainment value. My prediction is that 11th Street Productions will put together a brand new crew and Farrah will be back to shooting scenes in the next couple of weeks. Of course, she’s at risk of burning that bridge forever with her harsh words, so who knows? I guess we will all just have to wait and see…

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