Life After Lockup exclusive sneak peek: Chazz & Branwin’s night seems ruined when he… gets horny?

Chazz wants to have sex with Branwin
The awkward tension continues between Life After Lockup spouses Branwin and Chazz Harbin this week. In an exclusive preview clip from tomorrow night’s episode, the newishlyweds are reveling in the afterglow of their date at the strip club the night before when Chazz seems to completely derail the evening by trying to take their telly ‘n’ chill session to the next level.

Branwin picks at a skewer in the beginning of the scene as Chazz awkardly asks her what her feeling are about making the move across the country to live with him. “My feelings are that it breaks my heart and it f***ing sucks, but I committed it to you and you’re not willing to budge,” Branwin replies. “That’s the commitment I made so I have to stand by it, right?”
There’s some silence as Branwin takes a bite and Chazz somberly contemplates what she said.

“My choices are f***ed either way,” Branwin says. I’m losing my husband and, you know, the best man I ever had in my life, or…” Branwin appears to get emotional and can’t seem to continue. Chazz remains quiet.

Branwin eventually continues. “I would rather just not talk about this because, like, this is such a **** conversation for a decision we’ve already made.”
Chazz acknowledges Branwin’s concerns and suggests they leave the topic behind. “I can grab a blanket. We can just cuddle up and turn on some telly and somethin’ or somethin’?”

Branwin seems game for telly ‘n’ chill, and soon the couple is all blanketed and comfy on the couch together. Chazz is rubbing Branwin’s shoulder and knee while she appears to suck her thumb. It’s pretty much the most physical intimacy Chazz has ever experienced with Branwin, and it gets him thinking back to the last time he had a woman close to him.
“So, I’m trying to be a good boy, but that did get me all excited at the club last night, not gonna lie,” he says.
Branwin is immediately triggered. “You were just talking to me about moving, and now you want to talk about sex?”

“No,” Chazz replies, without much sincerity. “I don’t want to talk about sex.”

“You’re funny,” Branwin adds before doing an awkward interpretive dance with her arm. “You sure shift gear fast,” she says.”

The couple is still cuddling for a bit, but things seem even more awkward than usual. “Are you OK?” Chazz asks.
“No!” Branwin says, as she sits up. “I’m not OK!” Branwin looks to be in a full-blown tearful panic attack as the scene ends.
To find out how the rest of the couple’s evening goes, be sure to tune in for the dramatic new episode of Life After Lockup airing Friday night at 9/8c on WE tv! If you’re a little impatient to find out #Chazzwin’s fate, you can click here for a rather huge spoiler.

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