LeAnn Rimes says Brandi Glanville’s kids are “her life”


When she’s not posting bikini selfies (like an attempt at a recreation of the latest SI Swimsuit cover above), LeAnn Rimes keeps tweeting about her stepchildren which, of course, continues to fan the flames of one of the longest running 140 characters or less feuds in celebrity history.

Here’s how the latest chapter went down…

One of LeAnn’s fans tweeted out yesterday that he had a busy day ahead of him by writing, “Heading to the rink for daughter’s skating competition. Busy day today.” LeAnn decided to reply by highlighting her own busy plans. The singer responded with, “goooood luck to her! I have a flight and a bday party for 6 11year old boys.”

The birthday party in question was for her stepson Mason, who LeAnn’s husband Eddie Cibrian shares with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ Brandi Glanville. Anytime Rimes feels it’s necessary to name drop either Mason or Jake (7) she gets a heaping helping load of replies by folks wondering why she goes there.

One of LeAnn’s followers did just that with a thoughtful question:


LeAnn’s reply was perfectly passive-aggressive and just ambiguous enough to allow for deniability in regards to it being a direct shot at Brandi:


Sigh… I still hold out hope that one day Brandi, LeAnn and Eddie will all do an interview and reveal that all of this mess has just been a brilliant team effort to self-promote all their endeavors. If anything, LeAnn and Brandi’s Twitter jabs are an interesting study in the realm of parenting relationships in the social media age.

As for Brandi…

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