Lady Gaga tells crowd to “shut the f*** up” at Fashion Week concert

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Lady Gaga takes her jazz seriously. Not that we didn’t already know this: she has, after all, recorded an album of jazz standards with legend Tony Bennett.

But, now, we have more evidence. On Saturday night, Gaga was performing a series of cuts from her album at a black tie event at the Plaza Hotel, as part of New York’s Fashion Week.

When a table or two of well-dressed guests got too chatty for her liking, Gaga called them out: “Will you (expletives) shut up? We’re trying to play some jazz.”

She then added, “Goddamn rich people.”

The intended purpose of the event was to female fashion icons, and the press material for the concert included Gaga in that group.

When asked for her definition of “icon,” the performer said:


An icon, I believe, is somebody that has a strong message behind their beauty and I think all of the women that are here tonight have that. I’m not sure that I have it, but I am pretty happy to be on the list with all these super models, so thank you.


Did she have anything else to say? It turns out that, yes, she did.

Shortly after her gentle request of the well-heeled audience, Gaga began a cover of the Cole Porter song “Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye” to her boyfriend, Chicago Fire actor Taylor Kinney.

“If you all keep it down while I sing my boyfriend a song, I’d appreciate it,” Gaga said.


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