Kylie Jenner 2017 net worth explodes into eight-figure territory

Kylie Jenner 2017 net worth 2

A few weeks ago, because of a lavish spending spree and the fact that Travis Scott’s family reportedly likes that Kylie isn’t after their son for his money, we took a stab at reporting the Kylie Jenner 2017 net worth. The low eight-figure estimate was based mostly on the fact that 2016 was the Kylie brand’s most profitable year to date; the youngest Kardashian netted $18 million that year, per a Forbes report. But now Forbes has put out its 2017 earnings estimates–and Kylie has jumped way, way ahead.

On Forbes’ list of Highest-Paid Celebrities for 2017, Kylie, 19, comes in at #59, with an eye-popping $41 million dollars. That’s well ahead of big names in sports, like Russell Westbrook (#62 with $38.6 million), entertainment (Amy Schumer, #69 with $37.5 million), outrage (Sean Hannity, #77 with $36 million), and music (Jason Aldean, #98 with a mere $32.5 million). It’s also worth pointing out that Kylie’s total is now just $4.5 million less than Kim Kardashian, meaning that next year it’s likely that Kylie will be the highest-paid member of her family.


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Forbes’ description of Kylie’s earning power is a bit broad:

At just 19, the youngest list member–and most junior scion of the Kardashian-Jenner clan–earns a small fortune from endorsements, her family’s reality TV show, a namesake cosmetics company and clothing line.

If you break those items down individually, though, you start to see how much money there really is to be made from each one. For starters, while Kylie nets approximately $100,000 per episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, she also has her own reality show coming out this summer, for which her per-episode fee is believed to be much higher.

As far as endorsements go, a recent Us exposé detailed how crazily lucrative an Instagram ad campaign is for the entire Kardashian family. While Kylie wasn’t mentioned by name, we can do a little extrapolation: If 65 million Instagram followers will net Khloe around $250,000 for a single product placement, and 101 million will snag Kim about $500,000, then Kylie, with her 95 million followers, has to be right at Kim’s level. Since June 1st, Kylie’s most recent Instagram plugs include Aventa, Gucci, and Addidas–or a swift $1.5 million dollars in 13 days. (The source in the Us report also claims that the Kardashians draw about 25% of their total income from social media plugs; given Kylie’s two-week tally, it’s easy to see how.)

The popularity of Kylie’s cosmetics line is, by now, self-evident…

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…but, when you combine Kylie and big sister Kendall’s names, you get a truly lucrative business. Their clothing line is regularly back-ordered, and their aggressive entry into the swimsuit market–which came only after Victoria’s Secret announced they were backing out; the Kardashians are nothing if not savvy businesswomen–is expected to net them a profit of approximately $500 million in the coming years.

Given all of this new information, it seems highly likely that Kylie Jenner will have combined total earnings–if not an outright net worth–well into the nine-figure range by the time she turns 21. Ratings for Keeping Up With The Kardashians may be on a steep decline, and the same may turn out to be true for Life of Kylie, but, by now, the Kardashians (and Kylie and Kendall in particular) are style icons, impervious to the advertiser exodus of lame TV. Social media followers are the gold standard for the foreseeable future–and if even a truly terrible, tone-deaf ad couldn’t put a dent in the family’s ever-escalating numbers, it’s hard to fathom the brand-conscious Kylie doing anything that will.

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