DWTS’s Kristin Cavallari high school yearbook photos

Kristin Cavallari high school yearbook photo

Back before actress Kristin Cavallari became a huge MTV star on The Hills and Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County she was a real Laguna Beach gal as a high school student at Laguna High School. We’ve rounded up a few photos of Kristin from her high school yearbook, including her Cavallabulous senior portrait above!

We also found her sophomore and junior class photos in all of their black and white yearbook glory:

Kristin Cavallari yearbook picture from high school

Kristin Cavallari picture from the Laguna High School annual

The 24-year-old All-American blond, and current contestant on Dancing with the Stars, began attending Laguna High School while a sophomore in high school. She was originally from Denver, Colorado but relocated to California after her parents’ divorce. She seemed to take to the California lifestyle quickly, and judging from this next photo, had no problem making new friends:

Kristin Cavallari and a mystery man pose together for the Laguna High School yearbook

Kristin will be replacing the smiling mystery boy above with dance partner Mark Ballas on the upcoming 13th season of Dancing with the Stars. Mark will be going for his third victory on the show.

Photos: Laguna High / Splash News

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