Kirstie Alley says DWTS partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s comments are akin to rape

Kirstie Alley - Maskim Chmerkovskiy

Sometime between when Kirstie Alley and partner Maksim Cherkovskiy competed on the 2011 season of Dancing With the Stars and now, they had a major falling out. Rather than pleading the fifth during a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, Maks attributed the friendship’s end to Kirstie’s religion.

“I got a message now that I am associating with other people that she can’t be associated with. I am no longer to be spoken with, and sorry, but it is what it is,” he told Andy Cohen of Kirstie, who is a Scientologist. “I’m not judging people by their religion. I’m Jewish. I don’t really believe in science fiction, but whatever.”

Although he left the dots open for others to connect, Maks was pretty obviously talking about his rumored romance with Jennifer Lopez — who is good friends with Kirstie’s new nemesis, Leah Remini. Leah was also DWTS partners with Tony Dovolani, one of Maks’ business partners. According to Tony Ortega, who broke the news about Leah’s departure from the Church of Scientology, “Alley is cutting off ties not only with the King of Queens actress but also people around her.”

Considering she wrote in her 2012 relationship memoir that she “ended up loving” Maks to a degree she never anticipated, his comments about the end of their relationship were apparently taken as an act of treachery.

“Dear Sir.. after you have a** raped me there is really no reason to include ‘I wish you the best’.. It’s rhetorical,” Kirstie tweeted on Friday. She later said “if I wanna call someone out I’ll call them by name,” but the intended recipient of her first message remains obvious.

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