Kim Zolciak spoofs herself in a funny infomercial video

We make a lot of posts about Kim Zolciak on because we’re sort of obsessed with her. We think she’s wonderful, and love everything from her wigs to her raspy southern, doyouthinkIgiveaneff cigarette-worn voice, and this funny video just makes our obsession worse.

It looks like this girl, (who has, incidently been chasing dicks [and designer clothes!] since she came out of the womb) is in on the joke a bit.

Some award-winning quotes for Kim’s infomercial:

“Can you believe I pulled that shit off?”

“I keep crapping out hits!”

“Not That Sort of Sounds Like Music comes jam-packed with all two songs.”

“Can someone please fill this bitch up? Hey, that’s a good title for a song.”

Can’t get enough? Just call 1-555-DAM-SEXY.

“You’re welcome, bitches.”