Kandi Burruss reveals Mama Joyce spends the money she gives her on gambling


Kandi Burruss’s Mama Joyce joined the stage for the second part of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion and addressed rumors that she disapproves of Kandi’s husband Todd because she wants to protect the money her daughter gives her.

When asked by Andy Cohen if she had any regrets about her behavior this season, her only response was that she regretted that Kandi was (at the time) about to marry Todd. When he pushed her about if she works she replied that she didn’t have to. “Let me get this straight. Mama’s still got bonds,” she insisted. “Mama got a house that’s completely paid off, and security, and money in the bank. Thank you very much. And Mama got every kind of diamond that you want to think of. Amen!” Well, hello there! Is Joyce auditioning for Porsha’s

“What the viewers think is that you’re trying to protect money that Kandi gives you — that’s why you’re threatened by Todd,” Andy interjected.

To that, Joyce, decided to address Cynthia, who she thought was starting the rumors. “I have to read Miss Cynthia… Miss Cynthia said, ‘Oh, I think Kandi take care of Mama Joyce.’ Cynthia, Kandi have never taken care of Mama Joyce,” Joyce said, but Kandi had something to say about that. “Wait a minute, Mama. You’re going to say I never contributed to your well-being?” Kandi said. “Do you want me to be truthful? Let’s go back to a couple years ago when you had credit cards in my name that I did not know about, and that’s why I took my checkbook back away from you. And then we sat down, and I gave you extra money every month to subsidize it.” When Joyce replied that Kandi only gave her $700 a month, Kandi explained that it was that amount “Because you were spending all of the rest of the money on gambling and the home shopping network! So I was trying not to waste money.”

Kandi said that she’s fine with giving her mom that amount, even if she feels that she is wasting her money because “She doesn’t have to explain anything about what she gets from me because I feel like as her daughter that’s what I’m supposed to do. She put in the work for me.” But Kandi started to tear up a little as she told her mother, “It does bother me, I don’t like it when you try to play it down like I don’t do nothing.”

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