PHOTOS Porsha Williams and new boyfriend Duke Williams from the Buffalo Bills

Porsha Williams new boyfriend Duke Williams

The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Porsha Williams is all booed up! The 35-year-old reality star, who made numerous headlines with her acrimonious divorce from former NFL star Kordell Stewart, is drinking from the NFL fountain once again — as well as the Fountain of Youth — as she has officially announced she is dating 24-year-old Buffalo Bills safety Duke Williams!

And speaking of safety, the couple had the safety off as they premiered on Instagram in a gun range photo “shoot” over the weekend! Porsha posted this photo of her and Duke posing for what could easily be a poster for a Hollywood action movie:

Porsha Williams boyfriend Duke Williams Buffalo Bills

Porsha later talked about her new bae on Dish Nation. “He’s just my little sweeeetie,” Porsha said. She’s then asked why she decided to go public with their relationship when she had been so “tight-lipped” about previous relationships. “I know!” Porsha exclaims. “You know, we went to the gun range and I had such a good time, so I wanted to post a picture at the gun range. But you know, his last name is Williams and then my last name is Williams so everybody thought that it meant that we were like family members. And I don’t think he thought that was going to be the reaction. So he ended up getting my phone and posting his picture with a heart. I was like, ‘Ayyyyyy!!!’ because I was like [I’ve] never been public like this before.”

“But then I was like you know what? Let’s just go ahead and do it. Let’s jump off. So we just held hands and we pressed send at the same time. It was so cute,” she said. “That means it’s official.”

Here’s the clip:

I hope Duke knows what he’s getting into, because dating a reality star — especially Porsha — can be quite the handful! Oh wait, judging from these photos it appears as though Duke is well aware Porsha is a handful:

Porsha Williams kissing Duke_Williams

Who is Porsha Williams dating? Buffalo Bills safety Duke Williams

As a celebrity blogger, I would like to commend Porsha for being considerate enough to get in a serious relationship with a man who has the same last name! That will make it soooo much easier for us down the road when we’re writing about the Duke and Porsha Bravo spin-off show.

On an interesting side note, Duke Williams was previously rumored to be romantically involved with another Atlanta reality star, Erica Dixon of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Meanwhile, Porsha Williams reportedly dated NFL player LeSean McCoy, a teammate of Duke’s! My drama detector is beepin’…

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