Kim Richards’ daughter Brooke’s wedding photos and videos from Cabo, Mexico

Brooke Wiederhorn wedding photos Mexico 2015


This weekend, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards’ daughter Brooke Wiederhorn got the dream Mexico wedding ceremony she’s always wanted. It’s been a little more than nine months since she officially tying the knot with husband Thayer Wiederhorn in a private ceremony at her aunt Kathy Hilton’s home so that her ailing father Monty Brinson could walk her down the aisle.

And speaking of walking down the aisle, here are the bride and groom doing just that with Cabo San Lucas providing the perfect backdrop:


Brooke Wiederhorn Thayer Wiederhorn wedding Mexico


The gorgeous ceremony was attended by Brooke’s mom Kim Richards, who left rehab to make the trip, as well as many other familiar family faces you might recognize. Notice her aunt Kyle Richards and cousins Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton? Check out this AMAZING photo of the bride and her impressive bridal party:



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And here’s another picture of las lindas señoritas in slightly more festive attire:


We dem girlzz #WiederWedding

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There’s even a photo of the ladies from a completely different vantage point:


And we’re gonna go down by the river!!! #bridesmaids

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Can you say bridesmaidonkadonks? Despite her army of gorgeous ladies, it was once again Kyle Richards’ daughter Portia Umansky who stole the show as she detonated a devastating cute bomb while performing her duties as flower girl during the ceremony:


Ring bearer and flower girl Portia who was so excited

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As I mentioned above, Brooke was actually married in California back in August so that her dad, Monty Brinson, could walk her down the aisle. Monty, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer last year, took to Instagram to post this photo of he and Brooks together at that ceremony, and to pen a loving message for Brooke in honor of her south-of-the-border wedding:


Monty Brinson and daughter Brooke Wiederhorn wedding photo 2014


My daughter is getting married on Saturday, her dream wedding on the beaches of Cabo. Everyone left this morning but unfortunately for me for health reasons I wasn’t able to attend, but I’ve still been blessed that I was able to walk her down the aisle in August. As everyone knows last May I was given a few months to live, but guess what I’m a fighter and its a year later, still not giving up. All the family and friends will be there but I will to in spirit. Anybody that knows me I know I like a good party lol. But it’s better for me to stay here and get better so I can be around my family and children a long time. My prayers have been answered with my daughter having her dream wedding what more could a father ask for. I will miss everyone of you and will see you when you get back. And I would like to thank everyone for all the prayers this past year it’s really helped me get through this fight, each of you have touched my heart, but I’m going to keep on fighting no giving up in me. I know I’m crazy but I do have a private plane at my disposal and might surprise everyone if I show up Sat. I don’t think my dr would like that but I can be stubborn sometimes. Much love to everyone and a beautiful Memorial holiday to all. I love you Brooke now have a beautiful wedding and just know I’m right there with you #wedding #beach #family #friends #cabo #heart #blessed #thankful #holiday #memorial


Some of Brooke’s Instagram followers were confused by the ceremony because they thought the wedding had already happened. Monty cleared up the confusion as to whether or not Brooke had a previous wedding ceremony:


Yes last August cause I was diagnosed with 4th stage lung cancer and time was not on my my side, and my angel as myself wanted to walk her down the aisle every fathers dreams. It was small but family only. Wish I could be there for this one but if I want to be sound slot longer for my family is wasn’t healthy for me to travel at this time so I hope this answer your question.


He added one more comment wishing his daughter and son-in-law well. “You both are perfect for each other love you both. Have s beautiful wedding today.”

Just after the ceremony Monty shared this next photo of a necklace and explained its significance as he congratulated Brooke and Thayer again:



And “have a beautiful wedding” they did! Here are the bride and groom cutting the cake in a magazine-ready picture shared by Nicky Hilton:


Mr. & Mrs Wiederhorn #wiederwedding

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But despite the picturesque ceremony and post-wedding scenes, perhaps nothing was more beautiful than the toast given by mom Kim Richards–not just because what she had to say was heart-warming (which it was), but because she was able to be there to say it at all. Here’s a video:



“For me, as a mother,” Kim begins, “I just want to tell you there’s nothing that feels better in my heart than when I’m not with my daughter, that she’s with you. I just want to tell you that.” I think I will do the blogger equivalent of dropping the microphone after that and quit writing. That doesn’t mean this post is over, however–far from it! Here is a collection of TONS of photos and videos from Thayer and Brooke Wiederhorn’s Cabo, Mexico wedding:


Congrats to these two on sealing the deal

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The @fatburger twin is getting hitched @thayerwiederhorn

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Couldn’t more happy for @brookewiederhorn & @thayerwiederhorn #WiederWedding

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I love them so much! #BrookeAndThayer #FirstDance #WiederWedding

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Too cool for school #wiederwedding #cabo #Ladysitting #kidsofinstagram

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And my heart is melting! Too cute #wiederwedding

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BRIDESMAIDS #wiederwedding

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Wedding day

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Who’s ready to partayyyy?!! Down by the river!! #BridesMaids

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Love my gorgeous family!! #WiederWedding

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Riding with the bridesmaids @kcjay @whittlesdavis #family

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#cabo @fayeresnick @kylerichards18 #wiederwedding

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Officially cousins (for the second time) #wiederwedding

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My beauties #makeupbyPamellaB #hairby @wehostylist #WiederWedding #cabo #nofilter

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One of my Beauties from today’s wedding? @nickyhilton #makeupbyPamellaB #hairby @wehostylist #WiederWedding #nofilter #cabo

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Video From #ParisHilton Snapchat (RealParisHilton) #WiederWedding

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Video From #ParisHilton Snapchat (RealParisHilton) #WiederWedding

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My everything #wiederwedding

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