Kim Kardashian accused of forgetting daughter North in hotel lobby

Kim Kardashian

Is there anything Kim Kardashian isn’t criticized for? From her relationships, to her fashion sense, and even her parenting, Kim is now coming under fire for allegedly leaving her 1-year-old daughter in a hotel lobby.

These accusations are based off a video clip in which Kim is seen leaving her Paris hotel. She walks to her car alone, takes off her jacket, looks in her car, then returns back to the hotel. After a few moments, she re-emerges but this time with her coat back on and North in her arms.

After watching the clip, some have claimed it appears Kim “forgot” North inside and didn’t realize until she arrived at her car.

Kim responded to the accusations via Twitter saying:

Anyone who has a child or has been around children knows how important car seats are when traveling with a toddler. Kim’s reasoning makes total sense but that hasn’t stopped critics from assuming the worst. Besides, what are the chances that North West was unattended without a nanny or bodyguard or someone keeping watch?

What I find to be a more convincing argument as to why Kim left the hotel just to make a quick return isn’t that she “forgot” North, but rather used the situation of checking the car seat as an opportunity to ditch her coat in order to show off her hip hugging swiss cheese pants and expose her main ASSet.

Think about it!

Kim Kardashian

After watching the clip, what do you think is the most likely scenario?

A. Kim accidentally left North inside.

B. Kim was checking on the car seat.

C. Kim was showing off her booty.