PHOTOS Kendra Wilkinson’s baby bump in stripes at 2014 Sports Spectacular Womens Luncheon

Photo of Kendra Wilkinson pregnant with her second child in 2014

Reality star and former Playboy model Kendra Wilkinson Baskett is currently 34-weeks pregnant with her second child and she packed her rather sizable baby bump into a tight-fitting red and black striped dress for the 2014 Cedars Sinai Sports Spectacular Womens Luncheon earlier today.

Kendra’s HUGE pregnant belly did some amazing things with those stripes! What’s neat is that from head-on the stripes almost create the illusion of no bump at all:

Kendra Wilkinson Baskett baby bump photo April 2014

Kendra herself posted a couple of photos on instagram that also show off the contrast of striped maternity wear as seen from the front and in profile. (Kendra’s captions are in quotes below the photos.)

^ “With my girl Adrienne Janic at this amazing event. #bespectacular

^ “Here at the 18th annual Sports Spectacular womens luncheon at the bev hills hotel. @sportsspec #bespectacular 🙂 ”

And in case you were wondering, the 2014 Cedars Sinai Sports Spectacular Womens Luncheon is an event put on to raise awareness for diabetes and obesity in children. Other women in attendance at this year’s luncheon included Katherine Webb, Amy Purdy, Jazmine Fenlator and Challen Cates.

In addition to the annual luncheon, Sports Spectacular puts on other events in which they partner with “top athletes & world-class health professionals to improve the lives of children through research, prevention and education.” To find out more about Sports Spectacular be sure to check out their website

But, before you do that, let’s check out one last look at pregnant Kendra! After all, I don’t think we’re going to have many more chances! 😉

Kendra Wilkinson pregnant photo 2014

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