Katherine Webb denies restricting her diet to 1,120 calories per day

Katherine Webb diet and exercise

When Katherine Webb was participating on Splash, a celebrity diving competition, she practiced rigorously to learn new tricks. Without a doubt, that kind of workout burns a lot of calories.

So, it was a bit concerning when the former Miss Alabama revealed her eating plan to People. A nutritionist calculated the total number of calories in Webb’s very specific meal plan and estimated the model consumes little more than 1,100 calories per day.

“It’s all about self-control,” Webb said. “I cut out any type of bread product, and cake, cookies, bagels. When I eat a lot of sugar, I tend to bloat more.”

That kind of dietary restriction isn’t necessarily detrimental — for a sedentary person. However, for a self-described cardio lover like Webb, it can become a problem.

As nutritionist Haylie Pomroy said to People, “She could add at least 600 more healthy calories.”

After the article was released, many expressed their concern for the brunette bombshell.

“I am appalled by this,” one reader wrote on the People comment section. “This is far below the recommended standards for females in this country of her height and weight and it is very likely that she is deficient in a number of nutrients necessary for human health. Long term health should trump short-term aesthetics. She’s on a fast track for a wrecked metabolism.”

Now Webb has responded — and she seems to agree 1,120 calories isn’t enough.

She also doesn’t seem to put too much stock in her meal plan.

“I try my hardest not to stress myself out,” the 24-year-old said. “If I find myself thinking too much about what I eat, then I go crazy.”

Regardless of her daily caloric intake, Pomroy said that Webb has a well-rounded, nutritious diet.

“Katherine does an amazing job eating three meals and two snacks, fueling her metabolism,” Pomroy told People of Webb’s diet, which includes a homemade smoothie for breakfast, green apple for snack, spinach salad with almonds and strawberries for lunch, frozen yogurt bar for snack and grilled chicken fingers with sweet potato fries for dinner.

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