Kate Gosselin’s shooting a talk show with Paula Deen


Sources have told E Online that Telepictures, the production company behind Ellen Degeneres and Tyra Banks’ shows, is toying with a talk-show format for Kate Gosselin and Paula Deen. Now Radaronline has sources saying that the two ladies will be filming that show’s pilot this weekend !?!?!

Reportedly Telepictures is shopping around for another mom to add the mix, presumably a lesbian one. The names Sandra Bernhard and Tammy Lynn Michaels are being tossed around. WTF? Where did this come from? I think someone slipped something in my chai tea and my brain turned 12 shades of weird and starting making things up. There’s no way this is actually happening, but if it is, it will probably work. Kate Gosselin, Paula Deen and Sandra Bernhard, who wouldn’t watch that mess? If this does happen, I dare you to drink every time Paula makes a sexual innuendo. You’ll be under the table in under two seconds flat.

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