Kansas man charged with murder after lacing pregnant girlfriend’s pancakes with abortion-inducing drug

Scott Bollig Naomi Abbott

A Kansas man has been charged with first degree murder after allegedly lacing his pregnant girlfriend’s pancakes with an abortion-inducing drug, killing the fetus.

Scott Bollig, 30, is believed to have crushed up the drug back on January 26 before feeding it to Naomi Abbott, 36, who was between 8-10 months weeks (corrected) pregnant.

Abbott later suffered a miscarriage. The authorities have not revealed how Abbott learned of being poisoned or exactly when the miscarriage happened.

Attorney General Derek Schmidt filed criminal charges against Bollig on Tuesday. He was arrested on February 20 and his bond was set at $500,000. The charging documents read in part:

“Bollig did, then and there, unlawfully, feloniously and intentionally commit an overt act, to wit: putting a crushed form of a medication used to terminate an intrauterine pregnancy on food.”

How the medication was obtained and which one that was used was not made known. The complaint also stated that Abbott suffered “great bodily harm.” In particular, the prosecutors will ask the jury to consider charges of first degree murder, aggravated battery and distribution of adulterated food.

Daniel Walter, who is Bollig’s attorney, didn’t say much about the case but did intonate to the Salina Journal that he would be challenging the law used to charge Bollig. The statute is called Alexa’s Law and it allows prosecutors to charge a person with murder, manslaughter or battery if they harm a fetus intentionally. The law excludes abortions under its scope.

This case is igniting conversations about Alexa’s Law. Here’s two comments from the local report:

John Robb: This is a load of crap as far as prosecution for murder. The only thing they are concerned with is “setting presidence” on when a “fetus is consider a person.” This is an ‘anti-abortion” ploy. The guy may be guilty of poor judgement and of domestic battery, but NOT of murder……………….. When a state attempts this kind of crap, makes one think of HITLER.

Ashley Watson: He deserves to be tried for murder. And I pray to God they find him guilty of 1st degree murder. No one has the right to take a child from a parent unless they are truely mistreated or God calls the baby home from natural causes not because someone doesn’t want a child to live. Everyone please pray they use this man as an example and he gets 1st degree murder charges.

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