Kansas governor declares “Zombie Preparedness Month”

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Kansas governor Sam Brownback, who’s already made a political career out of fighting threats that aren’t real, has declared that October will be “Zombie Preparedness Month” in his state. Just in case.

Why is the Sunflower State gearing up against something fake? Said one state official,


We came up with the idea of Zombie Preparedness Month because it is an engaging way to get people on board with emergency preparedness.


And, according to another,


If you’re equipped to handle the zombie apocalypse then you’re prepared for tornadoes, severe storms, fire and any other natural disaster.


Their hearts are in the right place–as, for now, are their brains–but the equipment one needs to survive a (totally hypothetical, and forever impossible to determine the logistics of, since zombies aren’t real) zombie apocalypse is somewhat different than what one needs for a tornado or severe storm. For example: less room in the underground bunker for food and water; more room for ammunition, shotguns, and machetes.

Of course, Kansas’ isn’t the only official government body to get down and dirty with the living dead. The CDC held a zombie awareness campaign in 2011; FEMA did the same the following year.

Kansas will hand out Zombie Disaster Kits (ZDKs) at a public fun fair on October 25. Assuming we all make it that long.

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