Justin Bieber left da club with Miley Cyrus who later got put on blast by Amanda Bynes


Cyrus, Bieber and Bynes – oh my!

Late Saturday night, or early Sunday morning depending on how you look at it, Miley Cyrus was hanging out at Beacher’s Madhouse at the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles. Justin Bieber showed up at around 1:50 AM and headed straight for Miley’s table.

Sources with TMZ (they got some candid pics) stated that the two hung out for around 15 minutes and then left the establishment together after they participated in some “hard core flirting.” Hours before the hook up, Bieber’s leopard-spotted Audi (because of course The Biebs has one of those) was seen leaving Miley’s L.A. home.

Miley and Justin have been friends for a long time but this latest run-in has tongues wagging about a possible romantic connection.

Someone who obviously doesn’t consider herself a friend of Miley’s is the current celebrity-world’s most infamous tweeter, Amanda Bynes. Following up on many of her previous critiques of celebrities, Amanda’s wheel of random insults ended up singling out Miley. This morning Bynes tweeted, “Ur ugly @ mileycyrus.”

UPDATE: Miley called into a radio show and said that a Biebermance was impossible because she’s engaged. Does this mean that the rumored split with Liam Hemsworth is just that, rumors? As for Bynes, Miley said she just felt bad for Amanda and was rooting for her to make a comeback.

These Hollywood kids are crazy I tell ya’!

Image: Twitter/WENN/Twitter

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