John-David Duggar pilots plane with wife after their near-death experience

19 Kids and Counting star John-David Duggar is “back in the saddle” according to his wife Abbie, who flew with him after Duggar suffered a near death experience in his plane.

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Abbie and John-David Duggar

John-David Duggar, 32, began courting Abbie Grace Burnett, 30, in May 2018. They tied the knot in November 2018. Both John and Abbie’s engagement and nuptials were featured on Counting On season 3.

The couple currently has two children Grace and Charlie. They don’t seem to be following any sort of pattern with naming their kids, unlike John-David’s mother Michelle who named all her kids with monikers that start with “J.”

John and Abbie Duggar were in their late 20’s when they began courting so the twosome followed their own rules when it came to their relationship.

Abbie and John-David hugged and shared physical affection before their wedding – though they did still save their first kiss for the alter.

A Duggar plane crash

On October 29, 2021 John-David Duggar’s plane ran out of fuel and he needed to do an emergency landing. The Wavery, Tennessee Sheriff’s Department reported that a ‘family from Arkansas’ had ‘landed in a field.’

No injuries were sustained but John-David did have to call 911 from the plane, leading us to assume that it was a tragic event. His wife was with him during the harrowing accident.

James Duggar gets pilot license, visits pub, despite John David’s near-fatal crash

The scary event hasn’t stopped the Duggar family from flying. In fact, James Duggar obtained his pilot’s license in August 2022. 

Back in the saddle

While it appears John-David Duggar did take a short break from flying, the 2021 incident isn’t stopping the 2nd eldest Duggar son from hitting the sky either.

Abbie Duggar took to Instagram, after a long hiatus, to give an update on where her husband stands with his flying. Turns out, according to the registered nurse, John-David is back in the saddle.

The couple has been keeping a low profile since Duggar’s older brother Josh was sentenced to 12 years in prison for possessing inappropriate content of minors.

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The pair have also made no comment either way in the “war” brewing between Jim Bob, Michelle and some of the more liberal family members.

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