Joanna Gaines drops hint about Fixer Upper Season Three’s air date

Fixer Upper season three 3

Fans of HGTV’s breakaway hit Fixer Upper have been waiting for news about new episodes ever since…well, to be honest, we’ve been waiting to hear about season three ever since season two premiered! We do know that, in addition to its usual heartwarming tales of home improvement, the season will feature Joanna and Chip’s quest to renovate two silos in downtown Waco and move the whole Magnolia Homes business into a veritable Fixer Upper compound. Complete with food trucks!

The network has been tight-lipped about when we’ll see new Fixer Upper episodes–but Joanna recently took to Instagram to drop a juicy hint about possible air dates. Joanna’s an avid Instagrammer; her updates from the Gaineses’ renovations are all fans have had to go on (though those updates do come regularly). Just a few days ago, she let loose a pretty big hint about when we should expect to see Fixer Upper season three:

So…does anyone know how long it takes to edit raw footage? Because if there are thirteen episodes in Fixer Upper season three, just as there were in seasons one and two, it sounds like four are at least finished filming, if not ready for the airwaves.

In any case, Joanna shared that post one week ago, which means there are now EIGHT amazing houses left over the remaining EIGHT weeks (!). By mid-October, the third season will be a wrap. Though they rush-released season two after the debut was such a success, it sounds like HGTV might favor a premiere in early January of 2016–which is exactly what they did with season two.


(Photo credits: Joanna Gaines via Instagram)

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