Chip and Joanna Gaines announce Fixer Upper premiere party giveaway ahead of Season Three debut

Fixer Upper contest 2

The Fixer Upper season premiere is almost here–December 1st is a mere eight days away!–and what better way to celebrate its arrival than with a Fixer Upper party? Chip and Joanna Gaines want to do you one better: they’re offering to pay for your entire Season Three debut shindig, right down to the clothes on your back.

How do you enter? It’s a pretty simple operation. Make sure you have an Instagram account; log in; and re-post the following graphic with the hashtag #fixerupperfanatic attached. Chip himself re-posted the instructions just a few hours ago:



It’s not immediately clear whether you can get a whole new wardrobe out of this deal–but an entire spread on Chip and Joanna’s tab isn’t too bad a deal 😉 No word yet on whether they’ll actually attend your Fixer Upper premiere event, especially since the contest ends tomorrow.

On a related note, the good people over at Magnolia Market have been celebrating the ten-day countdown to Fixer Upper‘s long-anticipated third season premiere with a new (and increasingly fun) photo every day. We’re on day three of the countdown, so here’s what they’ve shared so far:


The #fixerupper season 3 countdown has officially begun! #10days #photobombedbyaturkey #seasonthreeiscoming

A photo posted by Magnolia Market (@magnoliamarket) on

Y'all know what today is! #8days until #fixerupper season 3 is here! #seasonthreeiscoming

A photo posted by Magnolia Market (@magnoliamarket) on

Remember: you can catch Fixer Upper‘s third season premiere on December 1st at 9 PM EST on HGTV.


(Photo credits: Fixer Upper contest via Magnolia Market, Joanna Gaines on Instagram)

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